BNBM Group Establishes a Partnership with Iran Housing Development Group


From August 1 to 5, a delegation of five persons, including CEO and CFO of Iran Housing Development Group, a real estate development company in Iran, came to Beijing New Building Material (Group) Co., Ltd. (BNBM Group) to discuss cooperation matters and visit the Miyun Base of BNBM House. Accompanied by Tony Dong, Deputy Manager of the Import & Export Department of BNBM Group and others throughout the visit, the delegation got warm reception from Fred Yu, Vice President of BNBM Group, and Zhao Xin, Director of BNBM House successively.

As one of the major real estate development companies in Iran, Iran Housing Development Group has undertaken a lot of real estate development projects in Iran, including various residences, commercial centers and other construction projects. The Iranian clients gave a detailed introduction to the current economic situations and real estate market conditions in Iran, as well as the real estate development projects in the future cooperation plans of the two parties. Fred Yu introduced the company to the clients, and accompanied them to visit and inspect the model rooms in the Miyun Base of BNBM House. After listening to the detailed introduction to BNBM House’s products, the clients carefully inquired about the characteristics of these new-type houses, showed great interest in the superior performance and quality of BNBM’s new-type houses, and highly praised BNBM’s Dream House — Energy Plus 5.0 House. They also denoted that they would introduce the concept of energy conservation and environment protection presented by BNBM House into the Iranian market, and believed that the cooperation projects between the two parties in the Iranian market will have very good prospects. Before the end of this visit, Iran Housing Development Group and BNBM Group jointly determined the cooperation intention and signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. The two parties will start cooperation as soon as possible to jointly develop the Iranian real estate market and build quality houses for the Iranian people.